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Action Track 3: Boost Nature-Positive Food Production at Scale

  • Published on September 15, 2021
The goal of Action Track 3 is to boost nature-positive production systems at scale to globally meet the fundamental human right to healthy and nutritious food, while operating within planetary boundaries.
Nature-positive production:
We understand nature-positive production as a form of food production that is characterized by regenerative practices that manage soil and water and enhance biodiversity. It is the non-destructive use of natural resources that protects and builds upon natural and social capital. It recognises that biodiversity underpins the delivery of all ecosystem services on which humanity depends– such as regulating water and climate, supporting nutrient cycling and soil formation, and provisioning food and other raw materials.
Goals of Action Track 3
The food system is vital to the survival of our species. As the global population rapidly increased in the 20th century, agriculture innovations ensured food producers could keep pace. The food system is the biggest employer in the world - with over 1 billion people working in food - and farming creates opportunities to lift people out of poverty in the developing world.

Biodiversity and well-functioning ecosystems underpin sustainable food production and our ability to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the biodiversity and climate targets laid down in the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Paris Agreement respectively. Given the urgency and scale of change needed, a shift in food production must aim to enhance natural capital and its delivery of ecosystems services that support humanity. 

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