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5 Green Tools for Sustainable Business

  • Published on February 12, 2022

The brochure "5 Green Tools for Sustainable Business" contains an overview of voluntary environmental instruments available to organizations that focus on their processes and/or products that reduce their harmful impact on the environment. By applying "green" instruments, the focus is on prevention, through the implementation of activities and measures aimed at the causes of the phenomenon or problem, and not at their consequences. 

Using this brochure, an organization can identify some of the key processes that have the greatest impact on the environment, review and define measures to prevent them, and further improve its business to make it more sustainable and responsible to the stakeholders and community.

This publication provides more detailed information on: 1) Eco-labeling of products, 2) Series of international standards ISO 14000, 3) EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, 4) Sustainable procurement and 5) Cleaner production.

The chapter "Eco-labeling" provides an overview of the types of labeling according to EU regulations, as well as a review of national regulations in this area. The chapter related to the series of international standards ISO 14000, provides the user with a summary of all standards of this family, with a look at the benefits of applying the standards for sustainable business. Chapter “EMAS” describes the key benefits of EMAS implementation in the organization. Finally, sustainable procurement and cleaner production fulfill the 5 green tools for sustainable business of organizations.

In line with target 12.2 SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT AND USE OF NATURAL RESOURCES and target 12.7 PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT PRACTICES, this brochure focuses on sustainable procurement within the organization and describes the benefits of implementing international standard ISO 20400:2017 Sustainable procurement — Guidance, with all necessary steps to integrate it into the business processes.

Also, towards target 12.4 RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT OF CHEMICALS AND WASTE and target 12.5 SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCE WASTE GENERATION, the brochure gives an overview of ISO 14000 family of standards and describes national and EU eco-labeling system, Eco-management and Audit Scheme and the concept of Cleaner Production.

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