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3 Steps to Reduce Plastic and Benefit Your Business: A guide for restaurants and eateries

  • Published on August 19, 2021
A guide to reduce plastic, to avoid costly common pitfalls and find truly sustainable products and offering an online. 
Whether your restaurant is right on the beach or hundreds of
miles from the coast, wind and rain inevitably sweep cups,
bottles, bags, straws, utensils, and other packaging into our
oceans, rivers, and lakes, where it injures animals and pollutes
the water.
Plastic adsorbs pollutants (like pesticides and heavy metals).
It carries pathogens and small invasive species to new homes.
Eventually, it breaks into tiny bits that contaminate soil and
water. Plus, ocean animals mistake it for food. It goes up the
food chain, so the plastic (with toxic pollutants!) ends up in
people when we eat seafood.
By reducing the plastic you give to customers, you will help
reduce litter, protect the quality of food sources, and protect
the landscapes and wildlife that support tourism – all while
saving money and helping your business thrive.
Three Step Programme:
1. Assess your plastic footprint
2. Create a reduction plan & get results
3.  Make it your policy

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