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2017 Global Review of Sustainable Public Procurement

  • Published on June 6, 2017
This report examines the state of sustainable public procurement (SPP) policies and practices undertaken by national governments worldwide in the last five years. It is published in the framework of the 10YFP Sustainable Public Procurement Programme, which committed to conducting a regular review of the state of SPP implementation as part of its work plan. Building on the findings of the first edition of the Global Review published in 2013 and on research conducted between 2015 and 2016 among 41 national governments and more than 200 SPP stakeholders, the report aims to track the global progress of SPP and to deepen the collective understanding of the current barriers, needs, opportunities and innovations in SPP. The release of this publication was made possible thanks to a grant allocated by the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute and the European Union. This research is complemented by the supplement titled “Factsheets on Sustainable Public Procurement in National Governments”, which includes forty country factsheets detailing the SPP policy frameworks, priorities and implementation activities in place in each country. The supplement will be released shortly and be made available in the Knowledge Hub.
The full report is available in English. The foreword and executive summary are available in French. A full version of the report in French will be available soon.

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