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Zinc enrichment of waste apple pomace – sustainable strategy to combat micronutrient deficiency (Project ID: TTP1139)

  • Published on February 17, 2023

Since Technology Transfer Program (TTP) identified previous research (PoC5796) as research with commercial potential; Innovation Fund provided it with support in order to raise technological and commercial readiness to a higher level. Therefore, Project is based on future development of the invention and the technology established by previous research. 

Same as previous Project (Proof of Concept PoC ID 5796) the goals of this project are twofold: it supports the efforts in minimization of food waste disposal and it addresses to micronutrient deficiencies as an important global health issue with special focus on zinc deficiency. Creating new materials and products from bio-waste requires additional research and development in order to move to a large scale application. In a circular economy, bio-waste is directed to treatment options that use the waste as a source of valuable resources such as nutrients and energy.

Technology Transfer Program (TTP) aims to increase relevance of the scientific research and development through the creation of new products relevant to the economy and/or society. One of the ultimate aims is realization of industrial symbiosis - process by which wastes or by‐products of an industry or industrial process become the raw materials for another. This concept allows materials to be used in a more sustainable way and contributes to the creation of a circular economy.


At the end of the Project implementation, it will contribute to sustainable consumption and production by: a) supporting small and medium–size enterprises to move from the linear to circular economy, which leads to resource savings, raw material and energy efficiency and environmental protection; b) development of innovative, healthy and nutritional products which could at the same time accelerate health gains and reduce the price on specific markets. 

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