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WWF-SA - Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative programme: Safeguarding our seafood value chain in Southern Africa

  • Published on November 2, 2017
WWF-SASSI has been in existence for over a decade. Its overall outcome is to shift seafood consumption patterns and production practices to be more sustainable. Its easy-to-use colour-coded system, tools and training provides accessible science-based advice that enables consumers to make informed choices, and strengthens collaboration with stakeholders. This provides a platform to engage with the seafood market to improve the sustainability of fishing practices and protect marine ecosystems.
WWF-SASSI’s overall outcome is to shift seafood consumption patterns and production practices to be more sustainable, by enabling consumers to make better-informed choices, and by strengthening collaboration with key partners and stakeholders, both nationally and regionally. The outcome will be achieved through the following objectives: 1. Enhanced awareness, accessibility and credibility of sustainable seafood information for consumers and retailers. A review of lessons-learned to date of the programme, research into consumer behaviour (to improve understanding of how consumers digest, process and share information), updated existing tools, and new, innovative tools will be available to consumers and disseminated through partner networks. 2. Increased capacity for restaurants, chefs, ambassadors, partners and volunteers, to promote sustainable diets in the context of a sustainable seafood value chain through training, dialogue and collaboration. Workshops, training material dissemination and training, chef recognition awards will be held nationally empowering partners, volunteers, and restaurateurs and chefs to amplify the sustainable seafood message. 3. Enabled, mobilised and active networks of key partners, at the national level (restaurants, chefs, ambassadors and local authorities); and regional level through strengthened collaborations to build a sustainable seafood network to replicate and scale up WWF-SASSI. These capacitated networks will communicate WWF-SASSI messages to the consumers in a strategic manner through workshops, webinars and social platform for information sharing. At the impact level these outcomes will contribute, along with WWF-SA’s Market Transformation Programme, to improve the status of marine species, and therefore the sustainability of the marine food system from production to consumption. None as yet as the programme has not yet commenced. The WWF-SASSI programme is at its core an outreach and awareness-raising programme. Subsequent to this it is a programme that continues to address the intention-action gap of consumers to achieve two very important outcomes, 1) a shift to more ecologically friendly and sustainable lifestyle choices of all consumers and 2) through their collective actions and choices of consumers, drive change with retailers and industry and most importantly in marine environments By building the capacity of consumers, retailers, restaurants and other partners to share and educate others using the WWF SASSI messaging, the project enables the up-scaling of the message beyond the current partners and participants. WWF SASSI’s past and future success is therefore largely due to a strong network of partnerships and cooperation. Please visit the WWF-SASSI website and follow us on all major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Contact: WWF-SASSI at
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