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Workshop Series 'Communicating Product Sustainability'

  • Published on October 25, 2021
This workshop series is implemented by UN Environment and is financially supported by the governments of Germany and France. The objective is to communicate the Guidelines’ principles and enable participants to improve the way they communicate sustainability performance to consumers. This workshop series on the Guidelines is also an opportunity for participants to learn how to contribute to the implementation of SDG 12 (especially target 12.1 and 12.8) in an effective and practical way, while also linking to the other SDG targets under review due to the cross-cutting nature of the topic. They also include space to discuss challenges and solutions, lessons learned and exchange experiences on communicating product sustainability information. Feedback received and insights from the workshops also help to identify consumer information issues and can eventually feed into region- or sector-specific supplements to the global Guidelines.

The Consumer Information Programme offers a workshop series to raise awareness and build capacity on the Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information. During the workshops, participants are guided through the 10 high-level principles of the Guidelines and discuss a hypothetical advertising to consider its positive and negative elements against the Guidelines. Participants are sensitized on what to look out for when providing such information (as a company), when receiving and validating it (as a consumer or civil society), or when setting institutional or policy frameworks around the issue (as a government or standard/ labelling body). 

Impact and Results

Participants have the opportunity to:

- Learn about this UN-backed initiative aiming to drive consumer information worldwide;

- Build capacity on how to apply the 10 principles for product sustainability claims;

- Discuss how to further improve consumer information in their country;

- Network with peers and exchange experiences

- Benefit from support to improve the way you communicate and to continue your journey towards sustainability leadership. 

Next steps and how to get involved

The organising partners and speakers are comprised of relevant local organisations, all of which are engaged in the development or implementation of the Guidelines from a different standpoint. The Guidelines are written for the private sector, marketing and advertising professionals, labelling organizations, governments, trade unions and civil society. Participants across any of these fields are welcome. 

If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your region or for your sector, please e-mail us at

Project start date

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