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Webinar - Challenge and principles of the circular economy in the construction sector in the conditions of the Slovak Republic

  • Published on February 20, 2023

The aim of the webinar was to offer a general overview of current and upcoming legislation in the construction sector, to provide information on the Recovery and Resilience Plan, voluntary instruments of environmental policy, and at the same time to point out examples of good practice and other important aspects of the possible transformation of this sector in the transition to sustainable management of materials.


• current and upcoming legislation on construction and demolition waste as an opportunity to transition to a circular economy

• Restoration and resilience plan - Restoration of buildings, project Restore the house

• methods of assessing the sustainability of buildings - LEED, LCA, EPD

• connecting the construction sector with voluntary instruments of environmental policy - green public procurement, EMAS, environmental labeling of products

• examples of good practice

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