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  • Published on February 14, 2022

Understanding local government drivers for sustainable consumption (UNLOCK) aims to understand how incentive structures shape behaviour at the local level in Sweden in the pursuit of sustainable consumption by residents and local government.

The Unlock project identifies key needs, barriers and opportunities of local governments in Sweden in their work with sustainable consumption. Through targeted surveys, key stakeholder interviews and case studies the project will propose effective policy instruments and measures for reduced consumption related impacts on environment and health at the local level.

Specific aims to the project are:

  • Examine formal and informal incentive structures and conditions that influence sustainable consumption at the local level;
  • Identify effective combinations of new and existing policy instruments and tools for local government aiming to reduce negative environmental and health-related effects of consumption; and
  • Identify and propose suitable indicators for local government to monitor progress towards sustainable consumption, as a particular way of incentivizing and guiding behaviour change.

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