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United Nations Sustainable Public Procurement for Construction and Infrastructure Industry in Australia

  • Published on January 8, 2020
On Monday, 11th of November 2-19, Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) hosted the United Nations Sustainable Public Procurement(SPP) for Construction and Infrastructure Sector- Australian Working Group Meeting. The purpose was to bring different parts of construction and infrastrucure industry together and educate them about the SPP by presenting SPP case studies in Australia. The group later discussed the challenges faced for SPP and the next steps which can be take.
To improve the Sustainability in Australia's Construction and Infrastructure Industry by making wise choices during the Procurement Process. Therefore 35 attendees were invited from different sectors like Local and State government, Peak Industry groups and forums, Consultancy Firms, Education and Training institutes, waste and recycling providers, Infrastructure firms and Material suppliers. To present case studies in Australia which received good ratings with respect to their sustainable planning and choices. A very positive response from the attendees who were not aware of the Sustainable Procurement Program and ISO 20400. Promoting sustainable projects as case studies was encouraging for procurement managers and sustainability project managers. The problems faced to apply SPP in reality were listed out in 3 different categories, Circular Economy, Carbon Strategy and Modern Slavery. The solutions to sort these problems were suggested and actions would be taken in the near future to promote Sustainable Public Procurement in the Construction and Infrastructure industry.
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