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Transforming fecal matter into liquid natural fertilizer for fertilization of cropland

  • Published on November 24, 2018
My concept, because it is a concept, does not fit at all in a traditional market line of the domestic wastewater sector that starts from the use of water in the habitat, food consumption to feed each day, the resultant Of this consumption which generates organic waste and the management of this waste to make it a productive element. In the midst of this shortened presentation, there are several processing plants including : 1-water use, 2-Kitchen, 3-mouth, 4-stomach, 5-intestine, 
All that comes from the living is therefore by essence also the living all that is alive on Earth has the obligation to disappear at the end of his life living all that serves food to the living is either fresh or transformed the food of all the living will be it Auss I transformed a transformation of energy and a transformation of waste culinary preparation is a perfect example of food and waste animal hunting is also a transformation of fresh with waste any living food will produce Systematically waste Presentation of Lyseconcept Lyseconcept is a small SME working on the wastewater sector. In 2002 she made a discovery during an intervention on a clogged pipe of a building. "Waste water contains life." From this moment Lyseconcept has looked for how to describe this living and how it works. Then one day Lyseconcept is confronted with the famous septic-tank. Like all septic tanks they are dysfunctional-biological-. This pit has septic only the name. What for? How can this malfunction be remedied? Lyseconcept invents the "biological pit" process Lyseconcept totally autonomous functionally from the biological point of view. After several prototype commissioning, the development of the process came to the third generation with more than a hundred installations. As the process evolves, Lyseconcept notes that the system works only through the biology action in a specific technicality. It is enough simply to preserve these biological characteristics for the system works. It is a unique biotechnology in the world interessement To bring to Africa but also to the whole world the information that there is a biotechnology of excretion purification that provides a natural fertilizer while depolluting the soil and the natural hydraulic environments, while allowing to save water Drinking. Biotechnology does not produce residues of excrement sludge, the FSM, it removes all the obligations of alternative treatments of these sludge just as costly as inefficaces The problem of drinking water in the world is intimately linked to the problem of wastewater treatment, its main source of pollution. Land earth, soil and the sub-soils, the environment, natural hydraulic environment, the aquifers serve as a –trash- disposal for wastewater treatment. Waste water with a biological characteristic contains gold-ganie, a natural enrichment of the topsoil. This liquid, which comes out of the "Fosse Biologique" process, contains water, fine particles of suspended organic matter, active bacterial flora, biochemical components (nitrogen, nitrate, potassium phosphate, ammonia, urea) a natural fertilizer. This biotechnology is implemented in the form of a biological purification concept that is of interest to every place that consumes water daily for domestic purposes. This biotechnology is established in all areas of the globe, anywhere, in any configuration, adapted to the production of wastewater: hotel, catering, industry, school, community, individual. Regardless of the location of the biotechnology installation, the discharge of the liquid at the outlet from the device is dispersed on a vegetated outlet in addition to purification of the process. This biodiversity can serve as a food support for the habitat but also for the community of the disadvantaged. The biotechnological concept of excreta treatment preserves the healthiness of areas with high habitat densities. Biotechnology, which immediately recycles liquid from the process, provides a reduction in the abstraction of drinking water from underground reserves while preserving groundwater from pollution. I would like to thank you for your interest in our Bio-technology for the biological purification of wastewater effluents. A comprehensive and definitive solution in the management of excrement. Removal of uncleaned wastewater from soil, subsoil, groundwater, soil, water, and hydraulics should no longer be used as waste water waste disposal Saving of drinking water from the immediate recycling of liquid at the exit of the biotechnological pilot site Final Elimination of the production of excrement sludge. Depollution of soils and underground and surface hydraulic environments Restoring the public safety of high-density urban planning areas. Elimination of rural exodus to urban suburbs maintaining rural youth by ensuring a standard of living that allows them to properly support their families Increase in the level of health of the rural underprivileged by a diet equipped with Rural job creation Production of a totally organic diet by removing chemical fertilizers increase of greenery in arid environment reducing by the same soil erosion Reduction of intra-muros temperature by the development of high canopy trees Any organic matter on Earth is part of the order of life and must be used to nourish a living because only a living nourishes a living. To make each living on Earth will undergo a transformation adapted to the food of the living for which it is destined.

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