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Trade education centers for sustainable construction in Nicaragua and Ecuador

  • Published on December 30, 2019
Improve the quality and sustainability of popular housing through integral education and training of builders. Better housing, better builders, improve resilience to disaster and climate change.
The program works with different curricula with the methodology of "Dual Education" combining school and real-life work on a construction site under proper guidance of professionals. Since the start of the program in Nicaragua 2003, more than 300 young people have received full education as masons in 24 - month programs, 20 of them were further educated and graduated as instructors and master masons. More than 500 "empirical builders" without theoretical knowledge have graduated in extensive technical courses and have become competent builders. Both centers have produced extensive education material for builders The program has also acted in the reconstrucci├│n after the Haiti earthquake. Hundreds of houses have been built within those programs in Nicaragua, Ecuador, El Salvador and Haiti.


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