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Tourism observatory of the Canary Islands

  • Published on February 2, 2021
o The Tourism Observatory of the Canary Islands is an instrument to support the monitoring and analysis of tourism, to support the quality of decision- making processes in the tourism sector of the Canary Island Archipelago on its way to sustainable development.
• Areas that will be monitored o Local satisfaction with tourism and local well-being o Labor skills, entrepreneurship and employment o Destination innovation, economic impacts and benefits o Tourism seasonality o Tourism products, culture, leisure and tourist satisfaction o Digitalization, knowledge and smart tourism o Energy management o Water and wastewater management o Solid waste management o Climate change impacts and mitigation o Governance and the territorial scale of analysis and policies o Air transport connectivity and intermediation o Overtourism, vacation homes and mass tourism o Maturity of the destination and renovation o Natural capital supporting tourism, protected areas and fragile ecosystems o Universal accessibility and inclusivity

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