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Swedish wool

  • Published on January 20, 2020
80% of all Swedish wool is burned, as there is no market for it because the sheep are raised for the meat. A collaboration between Filippa K, Röjk, Norrby Gård (sheep farmer), the Swedish Sheep breed association and European suppliers started during 2017 to get Swedish wool into the supply chain. The first products are on the market and the partners are now scaling up the project and invites other brands and stakeholders to make sure the Swedish wool gets used instead of discarded.
To make sure we increase the use of Swedish wool. By 2030 we hope that 50% of Swedish wool is used for the textile industry. By increasing the use of Swedish wool we make decrease today's waste and the Swedish has a high animal welfare, less climate impact and carbon foot print than other countries (for ex Swedish beef 70% lower than other countries) We are looking for more brands, partner and suppliers to be able to build up a supply chain for Swedish wool. Please contact or The website mentioned is a Swedish one unfortunately. Hopefully we will have an English version ready in the future.

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