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Sweden - Dry wash with nature as a model

  • Published on June 25, 2014
Drying cabinets for clothes and textiles are very commonly used in Sweden since many years. In all preschools and in laundry rooms they are very popular for drying. The method of drying is with ventilated heat and has not changed much over the past 30 years and it uses large amounts of energy. With an innovation from the small Malmo Company Knycer can both energy be saved and clothes shelf life be longer. Their secret for saving energy and also reducing wear and tear on the clothes is to use a dehumidification process instead of pure heat.
The inventors, Monica Hallworth and Estelle de Talhouet Roy, decided to work on the three things they saw as problems with the traditional type of drying cabinets; Energy consumption, Ease of use and better looking design. Currently, Knycer received funding from VINNOVA for a project to convert to energy-efficient drying methods inter alia within the Million Programme. So far Knycer has sold about 400 drying cabinets since the start in 2010. The company has two employees but purchases services in finance, development and manufacturing. And there are many measures of their success. Knycer were named company of the future of Energieffektiviseringsföretagen 2012 and peaks SSNC TopTen list of the most energy efficient products in Sweden. Knycer: Vinnova: Sanna Berg,, 08-473 32 28

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