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Sustainable sourcing: food procurement for sustainable food systems and healthy diet

  • Published on February 3, 2020
Contributing Chapter to FAO publication. The chapter focuses on the link between food procurement and the link to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using case studies from Europe and internationally through UN work on food procurement and SDGs, the key elements of which aim to: • Promote food safety, including high standards of hygiene; • Increase the consumption of healthy and nutritious food; • Improve the sustainability and efficiency of production, processing and distribu
Public procurement of food provides the opportunity to drive local and regional food economies towards more sustainable paths. Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) drives, for example, the inclusion of a nutritious and an organic food supply in the catering for public canteens - especially in the health and education sectors. Procurement can also help prevent food waste and critically can ensure that where food waste is unavoidable it is collected for treatment, e.g. through Anaerobic Digestion, closing the nutrient loops. This brings environmental benefits and broader benefits to society through a more circular economy. Publication on FAO guidance in 2020
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