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Sustainable Products Database

  • Published on January 15, 2018
The aim of this project is to build up a B2B database / website for traders of sustainably certified products. Public and private purchasers can use the database to find traders / suppliers of products certified according to various sustainability standards. The project starts with (textile) merchandising products, but will include products from other product in next steps. The regional focus at the beginning is Switzerland, but we happy to collaborate with possible partners.
Aim is to help public procurers to find suppliers of products quicker that are certified according to a sustainability standard. At the moment we are looking for additional partners. This initiative has just started. We expect that we can help shift the purchasing decisions towards purchasing more sustainable products. We will set up a first simple website until March 2018 and then enter suppliers of sustainably certified products from German speaking regions into the database. Next step is to find partners who support us in translating the website into English and French or other languages and to implement the website into further countries.
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