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Sustainable Production and Consumption project

  • Published on January 15, 2021
The project of "Status review on SCP and national policy dialogue on Sustainable Consumption for policy makers and stakeholders"(SCP project) was conduced by China EnvironmentalUnited Certification Center (CEC) and United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP) . The project is an important content under the SWITCH-Asia Regional Policy Advocacy Component (RPAC) which was implemented by the United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP).
To improve knowledge on SCP of the policy makers from different ministries in China, to identify gaps and priorities of SCP policy and implementation, to enhance engagement and collective efforts on SCP of related governmental agencies and stakeholders, and to improve the capacity on SDG national reporting in the aspect of SCP As a response to the challenges identified to promote sustainableconsumption in China, SWITCH-Asia RPAC held a National PolicyDialogue on Sustainable Consumption for Policy Makers andStakeholders in China in collabration with the China EnvironmentalUnited Certification Center (CEC) on 25 April 2019. The main insightsof that Dialogue together with theresults of an analysis of the currentstatus on sustainableconsumption in China have been detailed in areport titled as ‘Analysis Report of the Current Situation on SustainableConsumption in China’ in English and Chinese. This report provides anoverview of the sustainable consumption policy framework in China.And it proposes policy recommendationsthat may be useful to bothpolicymakers and practitioners in China or other Asian countries in similar circumstances.
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