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Sustainable Events Management

  • Published on February 11, 2021
The Sustainable Event Management Guide (SEMG) was prepared in response to ISO MENA STAR Project and 10YFP, aims to promote and enhance implementing the ISO standards for sustainable development in the Middle east and North Africa. It is the first guide in Arabic Language to serves as a reference guide for organizing Sustainable Events Activities to minimize the Environmental, Social and Economic Impacts associated with organizing events.
In order to avoid detect and ensure the quality of performance and continuous improvement, a form for rating non-conformity between the system of sustainable management based on ISO standards, its effectiveness and actual practices during the event is provided as well. The Guide promotes implementing the minimum requirements to achieve sustainable events 1. ZERO WASTE EVENTS The waste generation shall be reduced to the minimum applicable level, Recyclables shall be collected and safely managed, organic waste shall be sent to the compost stream at organic farm, and surplus food shall be handled with care and distributed to the poor from the local community 2. MINIMIZE CARBON FOOTPRINT FROM THE EVENTS ACTIVITIES Starting with transportation, minimize vehicle miles traveled through encourage using public transportation, shared cars and carpooling, events venue lighting and HVAC management 3. MINIMIZE WATER FOOTPRINT From sustainable choices of catering (food and beverages) and from sustainable consumption of food and beverages by participants and from minimum applicable usage of paper at the workshop activities and publications 4. PROMOTE HEALTH AND WELLBEING AMONG PARTICIPANTS AT THE EVENT’S VENUE Through Chemicals free housekeeping and purifying indoor air from pollutants through a special plantations and smoking free events venue in addition to other practices 5. PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT SPP Through prioritizing the sustainable choices in purchasing products, catering choices, selecting the events venue and hall, giveaways products and other purchases 6. PROMOTE THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS Sustainable Events Management Guide contributes to promoting the SDGs: 3,4,5,6,7, 10,11,12,13, 15,16,17 Promote sustainable consumption and production practices at the fields of events organizing Achieving Zero Waste Events Facilitating ISO standard 20121/2012 for sustainable development Minimizing Environmental impacts from organizing events ..... and much much more we provide training for stakeholders and interested parties, the facilitated guide for sustainable events management is available at the following websites: - Jordan Ministry of Environment - - Jordan GBC - - FES JORDAN -

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