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Solar Energy for Low-Carbon Sustainable Lifestyles in Solak, Aygavan and Malishka rural communities of Armenia

  • Published on July 5, 2017
This project aims at promoting sustainable lifestyles in rural communities in Armenia through the use of solar energy technologies (public lighting, solar water heaters, cooking stoves, and food dryers). Local communities and different stakeholders will be actively involved in developing and implementing local sustainable development strategies and plans.
The project will strengthen self-supporting communities and provides them with modern mechanisms, ways and opportunities to enhance local initiatives particularly in energy efficiency, climate change and renewable energy. A participatory method will be used for developing and implementing local sustainable development strategies and plans with active involvement of the different stakeholders and the public at large in the local communities. This is an innovative rural development project with low-cost environmentally friendly renewable energy pilots (solar fruit dryers, cooking stoves, water heaters, street lamps). Malishka community will light the intra-streets. Aygevan community will organize solar fruit drying, solar cooking stoves will be introduced for low- income households. Solak and Aygevan village kindergartens will have solar water heaters. The involved communities will benefit from reduced energy costs, improved environment and increased household income.
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