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Smart farming tools for the enhancement of irrigation efficiency in The Gambia

  • Published on November 4, 2021

The global objective of the action is to enhance irrigation practices in order to optimise water resources management and increase agricultural productivity in West Africa, contributing to increased food security and poverty reduction strategies.

Specifically, the Project aims at increasing maize, groundnut and melon productivity in The Gambia through the design, testing and transfer of an Irrigation Advisory System (IAS) enabling the improvement of water use efficiency, optimising consumption and reducing the environmental impacts of agriculture.

Smart farming tools for the enhancement of irrigation efficiency in The Gambia will enhance efficiency in the use of water resources in the agricultural sector of West Africa through the development of an irrigation advisory service (IAS), which will promote the emergence of mitigation and adaptation practices in West African family farms and farming systems.

The action has a duration of 20 months and will provide innovative and sustainable irrigation practices adapted to the conditions of The Gambia. Therefore, the project will minimise the environmental impacts, while increasing the yields of crop production, thus allowing to increase the incomes of the farmers and their job opportunities.

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