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Seychelles Protected Area Finance Project

  • Published on November 30, 2018
UNDP-supported projects, with financing from the Global Environment Facility (GEF), are bringing innovative models and schemes to help countries leverage the benefits of sustainable tourism for development. With successful experiences in Seychelles, among other countries, UNDP supports aiming at mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into the tourism sector. UNDP is also helping communities and management authorities of protected areas to diversify and make their sources of income more sustainable.
The tourism sector is viewed as a key player and contributor for complementing the public financing of protected areas in the Seychelles. Tourism and tourism related revenues are considered an integral contributor for the management and expansion of protected area system in the Seychelles. The project aims at securing a sustainable financing for protected areas via planning and legal frameworks and adequate revenue generation. In the 1st year of implementation, 2016, the project results include: First, a study to estimates the willingness to pay for entrance to Seychelles protected areas. Second, a systematic assessment of tourism products offered within protected areas, inclusive of a detailed implementation plan. Third, the evaluation of the entrance fee collection and reporting system, inclusive of recommendations for alternative collection systems. With support from UNDP, the National Parks Authority is developing partnerships with local businesses and island owners to establish new marine protected areas that will protect migration routes, turtle nesting beaches and globally important seabird colonies, in consultation with commercial fisheries. The protected area system is the foundation on which the Blue Economy is being built.
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