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Search for Sustainable Schools: Viet Nam

  • Published on July 8, 2022
The project aims to raise sustainable lifestyle awareness of the school students, as well
as to enhance the capacity of secondary school teachers to design sustainable education
materials and encourage active participation of the students in eco-challenges.
Through search for sustainable schools the project will promote a “whole school”
approach in winning schools that will be given funding to implement sustainable
  • Teachers from the 5 selected schools absolved a 3-part training course on sustainable schools composed of the following modules: (i) Strategy for development of sustainable lifestyle school: (ii) How to develop Action Plan for sustainable lifestyle school; and (iii) Develop a proposal on sustainable lifestyle school.
  • were trained on how to develop and implement sustainable lifestyles action plans in schools.
  • A website ( to promote a national awareness campaign, share the news and information about the project activities and provide the schools with technical resources was developed.
  • Facebook page “Sustainable Lifestyle” has been created with the involvement of high school students. The project team has supported the students in the creation of engaging content related to sustainability.
  • The project has supported the 5 selected schools to design eco-challenges for students that focused on 3 main thematic areas (waste separation, reducing plastic waste, and plantation of trees) and helped to gradually change the pupils’ behaviour in daily life.
  • As a result of the project activities at schools, the total CO2 reduction of approximately 5,040 kg CO2e/a month was achieved.
  • Overall, the project involved 3,517 students and more than 2,000 parents and influenced them to apply more sustainable lifestyles at home.
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