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Reuse of materials in the circular economy model, rubber and glass as resource potential

  • Published on February 15, 2022

In order to meet the requirements of the circular economy, it is necessary to provide a mechanism and prescribe the conditions that are the moment when waste becomes a valuable resource. Waste / non-waste status varies from sector to sector.

The removal of waste status ensures a high level of environmental protection and economic benefits in line with legal certainty in the internal market. As one of the options of waste management is dumping, it causes discomfort and fear among consumers. It encourages the production of secondary raw materials of better quality by defining technical and environmental minimums that the product must meet. Applying the concept would lead to increased demand and a positive impact on recycling rates.

The objectives of the waste status concept are to define when waste ceases to be waste, to create clear criteria for the quality and use of these materials, to create transparent market conditions, to promote recycling by reducing the need for natural materials, and to reduce landfills.

The end of waste is directly related to sustainable consumption and production because it is based on the basic principles of product sustainability through the use of recycled materials instead of natural raw materials. Without the principle of ending waste, several goals could not be achieved, especially the circular economy and waste reduction.


In the coming period, it is necessary to revise the lists in the field of waste management related to the abolition of waste status. This includes the return to the market of products that are in the waste management system, but which can be reused in preparation for reuse of the original (or similar) purpose.

Promoting recycling will reduce the need to use natural resources, which will have a positive impact on the waste management hierarchy, especially on the option of waste disposal, where it will be reduced. All of the above will improve the impact on human health and the environment, where waste has already caused great damage.



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