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Requirement for SDG compliant countries

  • Published on July 21, 2018
Proactive work on awareness in support of the UNDP Agency based in Guyana. Moray House a discussion space and also interactive ART as awareness of our Children's understanding of the Greenhouse Gas Global Warming Ocean Acidification to be done with our local Artist Desmond Ally. The Protected Areas hosted and I am sure Moray House would be happy to upload some of the Work in Climate Action being undertaken Reforestation Pollination Animals raised in captivity-- SHELL Antilles Guyana Save seaCow
Legislative framework that deals with Export Policy of Endangered Species. Protection of Delicate Habitats and the extended area decided upon by the Fiji Conference Saving Our Oceans our Coastal plain Runs from the Corentyne River to the Western Extremity abutting Venezuela. Assessment of the achievement of the 17Sustainable Development Goals. The International Conventions and the Areas of Poaching/ Trafficked Endangered Species and the Green Development plan Studies done by Researcher Sir David Attenborough . Blue Fin Tuna Creterean Species for Global Protection so consumption regulated on the ENDANGERED or exotic species. Gender Equality has been achieved in Parliament but it has not been achieved at the Level of the Indigenous deciding their Destiny. The beginning of Biodiversity discussions in 2016 will need to have stepped up international attention to reveal the magnitude of abuses to land degradation, destruction of habitats Human Rights Abuses et al. Comparative analysis like the list of persons who donated to Lethem Floods, rebuilding efforts in Communities...response to Disasters and Risk management initiatives. Completion of RAM pumps that give potable water to indigenous Communities, the provision of Solar Panels and Future Partners with CHILE in the ENERGY sector to improve the quality of the indigenous under the Mandate of the VATICAN care for Creation. The Results will have to be provided by Toshaos Council National unit gathering statistics on Mortaility rates incidence of Disease Occurence of Floods, mudslides caused by mining and Response in terms of Monetary and Humanitarian Efforts whether Private Sector Commission or the CHURCHES taking food supplies, clothing and materials to begin rebuilding efforts. Media Reports the Indigenous called for Government to give back Finance to Communities commensurate to Village Contribution. Dialoguing on the SDGs is continuous but implementation based on policy is a slow process, The Youths are involved at the Level of Schools Environmental Clubs and the Adolescents at the Regional Body CYEN within the Church the Youths are on the Laudeto si platform for awareness Coastal shore clean ups and fishermen with boats not using harmful devices to cause cruelty to aquatic species. The Biodiversity Conference is the 1st Week of August...further discussions will be held after 1st August Emancipation Day. Indigenous Communities span the 83,000 square miles. There are NGOs that have been facilitating the projects. In the City protection of the Zoological Park which use to get Danish Funding. The Save the Manatee project has been quite successful. The OCEAN project Saving the 5species of Primates and the Natural Habitats and Reservations as the Protected Areas legislation comes to an end in the year 2018. BBC National Geographic productions highlight the extent of flora and fauna.

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