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ReME - Rethink My Equipment

  • Published on February 14, 2022

Rethink My Equipment (ReME) drives consumer behavior change by informing consumers about the sustainability, cost and convenience of their product choices.Rethink My 

Project Overview

Equipment (ReME) aims to drive consumer behavioral change to more sustainable consumption through more intensive use and reuse of existing consumer products.

Sweden has among the world’s highest per capita consumption rates, which is in clear conflict with SDG12 of sustainable consumption and production. The current system of production and consumption is based on a linear model, whereby goods are produced, manufactured and thrown away and therefore have a relatively short life cycle.

Peer-to-peer sharing and the use of products as services offers huge potential for reducing material use and moving towards more circular production and consumption practices. Service-based business models are emerging but it is still difficult for consumers, business, and policy-makers to make informed choices about the opportunities and implications of consumption.

ReME will develop a prototype online platform that will unleash opportunities to see the sustainability, cost and convenience of different products and use options. Through rigorous market and data analysis, the project will develop indicators for the comparison of product purchase, share, lease or borrow options for different products. An evaluation of policies at national and municipal levels will further identify the opportunities and barriers to the incentivization of product-service business models aimed at the use of products as services rather than assets.

Project Partners

ReMe comprises three partners, each contributing specific areas of expertise:

  • SEI leads the project overall and its market and data analysis and policy incentives components
  • Nagoon leads the development of the platform, including user testing
  • ModernAge contributes data-driven analysis in support of the project’s solutions.

In addition, product-service companies in greater Stockholm participate in consultations on the consumer platform and application design.

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