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Q-Beach - Making beaches an engine for progress.

  • Published on June 6, 2020
The World's First System designed to manage beaches and large open spaces using BigData, Blockchain and AI, making their use more sustainable and efficient than ever before . Welcome to the Smart Beach, welcome to Beach Management
Q-Beach’s objective is to make the world's beaches "smart" by using the Q-Beach Manager along with Big Data and Blockchain technology to analyze data generated by beach users, allowing us to predict user behavior and generate reports to be used by decision makers to help them optimize resource allocation. Our team of architects, coders, marketing, and beach lovers, has designed a methodology that optimizes the use of large open air spaces, such as beaches, by calculating the load capacity of the space and through its revolutionary Q-Beach Spaces, allow a user to book a specific location and time, thereby efficiently distributing beach users across locational sectors on the beach and time blocks. This creates a vastly improved user experience, as beach users no longer need to manage over-crowding issues and are able to much more efficiently plan their beach experience as they understand the status or conditions of a particular beach in real time. The user data collected allows the Q-Beach Manager to understand load capacity in real time, and through a combination of this real time information, along with historical and forecast data, can optimize resource allocation right across the coastal tourism supply chain, including infrastructure planning and development, waste management, water and electricity management, medical and emergency services and local businesses. Q-Beach is confident that this technology will create a sustainable system and improve competitiveness and outcomes for all stakeholders. Cost savings are realised through the reduction in wasted resources and additionally new new sources of income are generated which can be equitably distributed within the local community through the circular economy initiative Q-Beach is the future of the beach, and a welcome disruption to how we think about beach management and beach use to create a more sustainable future for communities that rely on this most precious resource. The biggest impact is the way that Q-Beach will change the way open air spaces are used and enjoyed. The technology can be applied right across the world and is easy to install and use, both from a manager and user perspective. Despite the huge numbers of visitors that head to beaches right across the world, particularly in peak summer seasons, we believe there is no fully integrated beach management in use to help manage the problems of massification and overcrowding. The impacts of coastal tourism on local ecosystems and the environment through massification can be extensive, and in many ways offsets the positive contributions that coastal tourism plays in supporting local communities. These impacts include: - High levels of water pollution in coastal areas - High levels of marine litter and plastic pollution - Clearance of natural habitats - Land change and artificialization of the coast - Increased water and energy consumption for tourism services - Pressure on local infrastructure through unsustainable development In many cases across well known coastal tourist destinations such as the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Africa and the South Pacific, already high coastal populations are stretched even further during peak tourist seasons, in many circumstances quadrupling their populations for several months at a time. This puts extreme pressure on local resources, and whilst it supports local communities economically, inefficient allocation increases waste and economic benefits are not distributed equally. Q-Beach solves these issues by ensuring that local authorities have the tools at their disposal to help manage the resource allocation problem more efficiently. As accurate forecasts of beach use and expected visitor numbers can be generated in real time, local authorities can make well informed decisions for short and long term planning, along with optimizing allocation decisions for local public services such as waste management, emergency services etc. Keeping local businesses up to date also assists in their allocation decisions so that they can optimize their supply chain and human resources allocations. In the era of COVID-19 it is even more imperative that massification issues be addressed, and giving beach users the ability to book a location and time on the beach ensures that visitor numbers can be equitably distributed throughout the day whilst ensuring appropriate physical distancing protocols are adhered to. We are searching for Early Adopters to complete our testing program, we currently have two governments assessing the viability of Q-Beach and we expect a successful outcome with both. The primary stakeholders that can benefit from this technology are listed below. - Federal or State Governments: Q-Beach needs their commitment and collaboration to ensure that the legislation governing these types of new disruptive technologies is current and will allow these initiatives to provide the development and sustainability benefits that they promise. - Local Governments: Q-Beach works closely with local governments in the design and implementation of the technology specific for the requirements of each local government or regulating body. We are more than happy to discuss the requirements of any local government in any jurisdiction at any time so that we can provide them a fully integrated beach management solution. - Local Community: We encourage any local community member to contact us to help us understand the massification issues that are affecting their local area and to discuss how they can get involved in lobbying local governments to implement this beneficial technology. - Companies: We can discuss with any local businesses how they can benefit from the reports generated through our Q-Beach management system, and would welcome the opportunity to hear from them what their requirements are and to discuss with them how they can work with local councils to ensure that their requirements are considered throughout the design and implementation stage. - Users: The Q-beach team is convinced that beaches are public spaces for all to enjoy and beach visitors are the first to experience the problem of massification in these spaces. As such, Q-Beach allows visitors for the very first time, the possibility of reserving their spot at the beach with all the necessary features to be able to improve their experience, with improved access to parking, restaurants, sporting activities, personal care and public services. The Q-Beach app is available FREE in all platforms We would love to hear from any beach lover on what they love about the beach, and also how they think their experience can be improved and what they would like to see from us. We are currently looking for stakeholders to join the Q-Beach Ambassadors Program (QBAP) Join the Q-Beach Community, help us disrupt the Beaches, and improve people's life. Contact:

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