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Purchase and installation process of solar panels in homes and educational center.

  • Published on January 12, 2021
Provision of electricity to 40 rural homes and an educational center through the use of solar energy.
-40 photovoltaic systems of 300 watts for domestic use and a system of 1,500 watts for use by an educational center installed, exceeding 60% of required facilities and benefiting 40 families from various isolated sectors and 30 students from the Yanesha Community in the Peruvian Amazon. -Management, control and ownership responsibilities transferred to village families who are technically and economically self-sufficient in the application of solar energy. -40 homes in communities not connected to the electricity grid now benefit from solar panels to access electricity. -The community leaders were trained to install, maintain and repair the solar photovoltaic systems in order to guarantee their operation. -40 households, representing about 160 people, benefited directly and indirectly from the project.


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