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£3.3m decarbonisation grant for the University of Bradford, England UK, as it heads towards ‘net zero’

  • Published on February 17, 2022

The University of Bradford has won £3.3m in government funding to push ahead with its ambition to become carbon neutral in the next five years. The University will create its own energy 'micro-grid' using renewable sources. An additional £835,000 has also been pledged by the University - together, this will help save over 500 tonnes of carbon a year. Measures will include replacement of fossil fuel gas heating with air source heat pumps and the installation of solar panels on the Unique Sports Centre and Horton D buildings. New LED lighting will also be installed in the JB Priestley Library and ventilation will be upgraded in the ICT building.

The university executive recognises our local, national and international responsibilities to support positive action in addressing the challenges of climate change. This project represents an exciting step in the decarbonisation of our campus, moving towards Net Zero. Under the plans, the University will create a full ‘micro-grid’ across its estate, while also supporting academic and research engagement opportunities to create an educational legacy from the project. 

This project is part of the University’s sustainability pledge that will involve saving energy, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, saving water, reducing food waste, recycling and reusing more materials, and spreading awareness. Examples could include things like rainwater harvesting, promoting organic food and ecologically-sound brands including Fairtrade and Zero Negativity clothing, and spreading awareness. This is about behaviour change, the way we think and expect things to be - the way we make decisions, and the small as well as the large steps we take, will determine how successful we are not just here in Bradford but on the planet. It is important to hang onto the fact that we create knowledge and help people make informed, evidence-based choices. This project follows a commitment made by Bradford Council to support sustainability issues and the green economy.

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