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Project results - Stimulating the demand and supply of sustainable products through Sustainable Public Procurement and Ecolabelling (SPPEL) Colombia

  • Published on January 31, 2018
Main results: Legal Study for the implementation of SPP in Colombia (2009); Technical assistance in 9 public ministries for SPP implementation ; Market study (2010); SPP Implementation Guide for Colombia (2016); 28 technical sheets of products with sustainable criteria; national training on SPP; Definition of National Action Plan; Definition and implementation of the methodology of Cost-Benefit Analysis; Incorporation of sustainable criteria at national level.
The project aims at providing capacity development and technical assistance to different stakeholders (policy-makers, procurers, businesses) on the development of SPP policies and the use of internationally recognized eco-labeling systems. In addition, project countries are assisted in the coordinated implementation of sustainable public procurement policies and eco-labeling. Training in SPP and eco-labeling Definition of a National Action Plan for SPP and Eco-labeling in Colombia Implementation of public procurement processes including sustainability criteria Creation of two new technical standards for two product categories for National Eco-labeling Program Training and technical assistance to PyMES for National Eco-labeling certification Strengthening of the National Eco-labeling Program with emphasis on international standards National Legal Study for SPP in Colombia (2009) Technical assistance to public entities, including prioritization of goods and services and SPP implementation (2010 - 2016) Market study for goods in the framework of SPP project (2010) SPP implementation Guide for Colombia (2016) 28 technical sheets of products with sustainable criteria (2012 - 2016) National Training for public entities (2012 - 2016) Definition of National Action Plan for SPP (2016) Definition and implementation of Cost-Benefit Analysis methodology (2016-2017) Incorporation of sustainable criteria at national level (Colombia Compra Eficiente) (2017) Help desk (2016) Ingresa a: Technical assistance to private sector for implementation of National Eco-labeling system. SWOT analysis for National Eco-labeling Program Definition of National Action Plan for Eco-labeling (2016) The national project leaded by Minambiente needs to implement more technical aspects such as: technical sheets involving sustainable criteria considering life cycle thinking; human resource to guarantee technical support though the help desk implemented last year; improve the cost benefit methodology to evaluate the environmental impacts of SPP; technical assistance to public entities at national level; technical and economical support in order to implement the main activities proposed in national action plan for SPP and Eco-labeling; technical assistance to private sector to guarantee the supply of sustainable goods and services.

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