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Program Implementation Plan

  • Published on October 16, 2018
Define a detailed three year implemenation plan post pilot period for the Sustainability Monitoring System for South Pacifc Hotels program
Several Sustainability Monitoring Systems platforms were developed and tested, and finally a simple exel based platform was selected and designed for its ease of use for enterprises. The drawback of this toolkit is the manual back-end management burden. As the program scales, a more robust database platform needs to be upgrated. The main win of this project has been defining the impact indicators and securing the commitment from hotels and organizational partners to support the program. The pilot program identified that procurement and waste management are the areas with most need for standardizing and measuring impact. Strategically the program should focus on identifiying and bringing onboard hotels that already have sustainability programs and activities, encourage them to showacse thier best practices and raise awareness in the country and region, the rest will follow.

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