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Organic Food System Programme (OFSP)

  • Published on February 15, 2022

OFSP facilitates further development of the organic food sector, seeing it as a pilot model and living laboratory for sustainable food systems. We use organic food systems as a model to understand drivers of sustainable food consumption and to link this to real-world examples of sustainable production and consumption. The OFSP uses the organic food system as a kind of window for exploration and evolution but not as a static or exclusive solution. The scope of OFSP is to identify, understand and describe transformation processes towards sustainable food systems and make lessons learned available in a globally systematized and contextually applicable way.

Our rationale: Organic food systems are understood as a model for sustainability and can serve as living laboratories for continued learning and improvement, integrating science and research with real-world examples. Where organic is used as a codified, regulated market claim, a defined set of performance data are available for research and monitoring purposes.

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