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NON SIAMO ATLANTIDE – Tasselli di Sostenibilita’ (We are not Atlantis - Pieces of Sustainability)

  • Published on December 21, 2020
During the European Sustainable Development Week Mosaico&Cocambo Chocolate Factory together with Animaimpresa Association held nn event at Aquileia UNESCO Site linked to the National Sustainability Festival 2020, by the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS) . Supported by Aquileia Local Council, Aquileia UNESCO Site Managing Authority, Aquileia Local Community Association and many partners both in private and public sectors. All proceeds to local children care associations.
The objectives of this initiative are related to the following SDG12.3/4/5/6/8 and naturally encompass all the other SDGs for Tourism at UNESCO Sites is truly responsible to building thriving communities, preserving biodiversity along with historic heritage and local cultural identities. At the event the food supply chain made by local sustainable farmers met the local civil society associations and travel businesses. On the stage actors from slow tourism and leading companies were witnessing another way of travel. Some food line productions were also at display to sensitize consumers toward more conscious buying processes. People attending at the free event were addressed about a different business/social landscape, both at offer and demand aspects, as personal engagement is necessary at any UNESCO Site in order to preserve the place for all and for future generations as well. It was organized at a multi-level inputs: free guided visits to archeological sites both for children and adults, National Geographic EarthDay Italy Festival on demand, free chocolate workshops, traditional food tastings, on stage more than 15 speakers from well-known slow travel writers to famous start-up founders, inspiring young farmers, leaders in regenerative architecture, and local authorities. University professors and associations related to fight food waste were among the speakers too. Visitors and all participants were encouraged to commit toward a better lifestyle every day, in particular during travel activities. Companies, Associations and Authorities involved in the project were invited to build strong partnerships and projects to become a thriving place for people and the environment. Mutual commitments and targets will be monitored and awarded each year. This event will become an annual engagement to disseminate good practices, create good bonds within the local community of producers and consumers, motivate everyone about the true value behind and beyond a UNESCO Site: the commitments of good living for all and the Planet while visiting a place. It aims to build a conscious engagement across all kinds of travelers who are requested to create value for the community and the environment. Everyone needs to contribute on nurturing a place, a community, a cultural and environmental heritage for all. This can be reached through a responsible production and consumption. More children activities will be organized to involve them as the People of Future; meanwhile this open event is committed to engage more stakeholders in order to become truly inclusive and lead toward a different model of tourism which benefits the whole value chain equally and respectfully. It's an open platform within the annual Italian Sustainable Development Festival. We believe that everyone everywhere is a fundamental "piece" toward the global framework of UN SDGs therefore we welcome everyone who likes and supports what we do. A flourishing tourism is possible, and we must look for it. For further information please contact Mosaico Pastry and Cocambo Chocolate Factory at Aquileia (UDINE, Italy): or
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