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Next Tourism Generation Alliance

  • Published on January 24, 2019
The Next Tourism Generation Alliance (NTG) is the first European partnership and alliance for improving a collaborative and productive relationship between education and industry across 5 tourism and hospitality sectors including destination management organizations, tour operators & travel agents, accommodation providers, food and beverage companies, and visitor attractions. Funded by the European Union, the project will establish the first Blueprint for green and digital skills.
The Next Tourism Generation Alliance project will establish the first European Blueprint, a new strategic and operational approach, for Skills Development in Tourism with the scope: • To improve the relationship between Industry, Public Authorities and Education Providers in the tourism sector; • To respond to the fast-changing and increasing skills gaps in digital, green and social skills sets; • To create transformative cooperation in five key tourism sub-sectors: accommodation providers, food and beverage companies, travel agencies & tour operators, visitor attractions and destination management organizations. The European Tourism Blueprint calls for collaboration between National Authorities, key European Stakeholders (from education, industry, and policy-making), and other key players for further sustainable tourism growth. The NTG project has taken this approach on board and is working with key stakeholders to develop the First European Blueprint Strategy. The Blueprint will provide a long term strategic plan to address skills shortages in order to support growth, innovation, sustainability and competitiveness within the sector. NTG is organized in 9 work packages (stages of activities) and activities are planned and delivered with the PM4SD (Project Management for Sustainable Development) methodology. Workplan. WP1 - “Project Management and Coordination” and WP9 “Quality assurance and evaluation” will ensure effective project management and quality assurance. (2018-2021) WP2 – Tourism Skills Assessment Methodology represents the preparation phase investigating the training needs and provision for the above skills required. (2018-2019) WP3 – Next Tourism Generation Skills Matrix will include competencies, entry levels, qualifications, progression routes and careers to address the mismatch of skills in these subject areas and new occupational profiles. (2019) WP 4 - Implementation NTG Skills Products. 10 pilot modules will be created. (2020) WP5 – a Quality framework for Next Tourism Generation Skills Products will be craeted for each target country in line with the national and regional policies. (2020-2021) WP6 – The Blueprint and the Action plans will be created (2019-2021) WP7-WP8 Communication and Stakeholders Engagement activities (2018-2021) 2018 activities delivered The 2018 activities included the PM4SD (Project Management for Sustainable Development) certification, the NTG desk research, the establishment of the Industry-Led Skills Group in the target countries (Bulgaria, Germany, UK, Spain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands) and several events and stakeholders engagement activities. The PM4SD certification has been delivered at the begging of the project to set up the Project Management Team and define a long term benefit approach. The Industry-Led Skills Group are ongoing. Regarding the Desk Research, each Consortium Partner completed a comprehensive analysis of the situation regarding digital and sustainability skill sets in their country across five tourism and hospitality sectors (visitor attractions; accommodation; food and beverage; tour operators and travel agents and destination management). A draft report has been created and it is a work in progress and will be updated throughout the lifespan of the Next Tourism Generation (NTG) Project due to ongoing advances at International and National levels. The key findings arising from the desk research will help inform the next stages of the project, development of skills content and delivery mechanisms. A manual for stakeholders engagement activities has been created. The first impact analyis will be ready by the end of January. Fill in the NTG Skills Survey: A tool kit to get involved will be soon prepared and uploaded into the website Send an email to if you are interested.
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