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National Network on Sustainable Consumption

  • Published on November 6, 2019
Sustainable consumption and genuine social change can only be achieved if everyone assumes responsibility. The National Network on Sustainable Consumption helps promoting the implementation of the National Programme on Sustainable Consumption and strengthening the social commitment towards sustainable consumption. As an institutional component of the programme, the National Network on Sustainable Consumption supports cooperation between science, politics, business and civil society. The National Network promotes practical exchange between all these relevant players in order to develop synergies for bringing about consumption patterns, lifestyles and markets, as well as to establish a reference for political processes at the global level. The central tasks of the network include intensifying the cross-thematic and practice-oriented dialogue on the National Programme and the approaches and proposals for action described therein. The aim is to strengthen the involvement and cooperation of relevant social actors in the implementation process. Mobilizing the commitment, resources and capacities of actors to implement the programme is therefore vital for a functioning network. Funding opportunities are highlighted on the network website to support the network actors on their efforts to promote sustainable SCP. The collection, analysis and dissemination of good examples of successful implementation of sustainable SCP are also a vital task of the network.
The German government's National Programme on Sustainable Consumption, together with the National Network, does not represent the end of a process but a way for Germany to drive the necessary structural change towards sustainability in the economy and society. Since the initiation of the network, about 200 actors from science, politics, business and civil society have already joined the network. Events in various formats are held regularly to support the implementation of the National Programme on Sustainable Consumption. These events focus in particular at the network actors, but are also open to all other actors in the field of sustainable consumption. National conferences present and discuss overarching policy guidelines and programmes. Network meetings promote exchange and cooperation between the actors of the National Network on Sustainable Consumption. The events highlighted the diversity of existing projects and initiatives in the network and also served to highlight content similarities in order to facilitate cooperation opportunities. Beside these conferences and network meetings smaller formats focus on specific issues such as e.g. digitalization, biodiversity or the cooperation with foundations. The webseite forms a first point of contact for the network, enables the network and its actors to present themselves and encourages active participation.

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