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My Green Butler

  • Published on November 3, 2017
Our project’s focus is behaviour change of staff and guests in tourism. Crystal Creek Meadows of Kangaroo Valley NSW Australia invited a smart system which encourages behaviour change through technology and training. We have now expanded this initial test to include partners in Australia, Dubai and UK. The system involves tourist accommodation asking guests to participate in using fewer resources and to use the pro-environmental infrastructure of the building to best effect.
1. Conduct trial during 2018 2. Measure resource use by tourist accommodation type and by climate 3. Assess cultural and social factors which effect implementation 4. Analysis findings and prepare report to share with STP 10 YFP 1. Sourcing partners to trail system 2. Sourcing hardware to monitor resource use and offer prop-environmental infrastructure 3. Adapting version 2 of the system 4. Conducting site visits autumn of 2018 Already we have gained the support of a Middle East Government, NGOs in Australia and UK and WWF associate plus major hotel chain. These facts in themselves demonstrate behaviour change is positive at the government/industry level. We welcome other parties to join the trail and learn how they can reduce energy and water consumption in their tourist accommodation. Every site, every climate, and every culture offers us unique ways of modifying consumption. Your contribution would strongly enhance this project and the values of STP 10 YFP. Please contact Christopher Warren
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