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My Fiji Shark: a conservation initiative

  • Published on February 12, 2019
'My Fiji Shark' is a collaborative venture between Beqa Adventure Divers 'BAD'; the United Nations Development Programme 'UNDP' & the South Pacific Tourism Organization 'SPTO' who have created this project in order to achieve the shark research, management and conservation goals they all share.
The initiative's mission is the protection and conservation of all Fiji's shark species and their natural habitats through ecotourism, research, advocacy and education. The initiative supports and cooperate with local communities. 'My Fiji Shark' is a shark adoption program. The sharks offered for adoption are resident to Fiji and consistent visitors to the Shark Reef Marine Reserve (SRMR). While there are over 200 individually named sharks, around 50 of them visit on a frequent basis, and so are being offered for adoption. When you 'adopt' a shark, you adopt an individual: one with a name, a personality and a history. By adopting a Fijian Shark, not only will you learn about shark behaviour and shark biology but you become a vital part of the ongoing support and advocacy for these misunderstood animals. The revenues generated from 'My Fiji Shark' will be used to support existing shark conservation measures; fund research; purchase research materials; create new shark conservation and inshore fisheries management programs; and build an independent Shark Lab to conduct in-country shark conservation research. The initiative also aims to assist government if and when they will implement their voluntary commitments made at the UN Ocean Conference.

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