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Millennium Hikers

  • Published on January 22, 2019
Millennium Hikers was launched in 2016 by Millennium Destinations as an initiative aimed at promoting sustainable and smart hiking while fostering positive social, environmental and economic impacts on hiking destinations, and sharing sustainable, intercultural hiking experiences between local hosts and their guests. Based in Seoul, the Millennium Hikers organizes hikes on a regular basis, and as a support of various celebrations and campaigns.
The main objectives of this initiative is to raise awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to inspire action through hiking, while fostering responsible behaviors in the context of outdoor an leisure activities in urban and natural environment. Through its various gatherings and events, Millennium Hikers also intends to promote inclusiveness and tolerance so that no one leaves behind. Participants are encouraged to avoid single-use plastic and to share their best practices and insights on sustainable consumption and production. Millennium Hikes have been organized regularly, and some local and international partners expressed their interest in joining the initiative. Increased awareness on the SDGs and the role of hiking in promoting sustainable behaviors and mindsets Promotion of sustainable hiking destinations A global charter for sustainable hiking A digital platform for sharing peer-to-peer sustainable, intercultural and international hiking experiences between host and guests

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