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MATE: Market access and territorial empowerment [AFFILIATED]

  • Published on August 25, 2017
The MATE (Market access and territorial empowerment) project aims to work with rural communities within the Atlantic Forest Ecoregion of Paraguay to improve the livelihoods and quality of life of the rural poor, and to increase the communities’ resilience to climate change.
Through lessons learned from previous collaboration in this ecoregion, WWF acknowledges the high potential for sustainable agricultural production of high-value crops such as; yerba mate tea (Ilex paraguariensis), and aromatic and medicinal herbs (all native species), which have high market potential both in Paraguay and in international markets. While the project works to ensure the most basic needs of the communities are met, (i.e. with food security, protection against climate change, and avoiding massive migration to big cities and which leads to extreme poverty, etc), one of the major goals will be to establish a sustainable production of the above mentioned yerba mate and herb species to eventually reach an external market, thereby improving the business practices of these small rural farmers, and improving the livelihoods of the communities. - - -
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