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Masterclass on Product Lifetime Extension at ISS2019

  • Published on November 4, 2019
Join UNEP for a masterclass on Product Lifetime Extension at the India and Sustainability Standards conference 2019. The sixth edition of CRB’s Flagship Annual Conference ‘Market Dynamics & Social Dilemmas of Promoting Sustainable Business’, that will be held in November 2019 in India, is an opportune moment to deliver training on the theory and business strategies of Product Lifetime Extension. Register for the conference here:
The main objective of the training is to strengthen the technical capacity of policy makers, businesses and NGOs in support of the implementation of product lifetime extension strategies and initiatives. It will introduce the concept of product lifetime extension within the scope of circular economy and discuss measures that can be taken by policy makers, businesses, consumers and NGOs related to the topic. In addition, case studies from Indian companies and start-ups on the topic of product lifetime extension will be presented. The training will serve the following specific objectives: - Learn about product lifetime extension in overall promotion of circular economy - Learn about optimal replacement moments for products - Understand how & why collaboration between industry, governments, consumers and NGOs is important - Understand the role each actor plays in operationalizing product lifetime extension strategies - Learn how companies in the Indian business sector have dealt with prolonging products’ lifetimes The training will be conducted by one UN Environment expert, in collaboration with the One Planet network Consumer Information Programme, the CRB and Indian companies that will be present to share their case studies. The training is intended to be highly interactive, encouraging discussions and opportunities for interactions between attendees with different experiences and from different roles (policy makers, businesses, NGOs). The training will consist of four main components as follows: - The first part of the training will present the concept of circular economy and discuss the reasons why we need to extend the lifetime of products. - The second part will focus on understanding the optimal replacement moments for products that are resource-intensive during use through an interactive exercise. The exercise will focus on 3 out of 7 categories of products: washing machines, refrigerators, TVs, mobile phones, laptops, clothing, and vacuum cleaners. These are products that consume electricity, water, detergents, etc. during use. This part will discuss whether reducing the use-phase impacts through the development of, for instance, more energy efficient products is more beneficial from an environmental perspective than product lifetime extension. - The third part will be devoted to identifying actions that could be taken by each of the relevant actors in society: policy makers, industry, consumers and NGOs. - The last part will deal with experiences from Indian companies in the use of product lifetime strategies (e.g. Rimagined, OLX India) Participants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the main knowledge products developed by UN Environment and the One Planet network Consumer Information Programme, as well as relevant data produced around product lifetime extension. Therefore, it is expected that: 1. Knowledge about circular economy is enhanced, in particular in regards to product lifetime extension. 2. Challenges for policy makers, business and NGOs regarding product lifetime extension are identified and actions to be taken are formulated. 3. Indian experience, challenges and good practices in the implementation of business strategies on product lifetime extension are shared. 4. Knowledge about optimal replacement moments for various products, including the challenges in defining them, is enhanced. Register for the conference:

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