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Making Plastic Waste a Valuable Resource in Remote Communities

  • Published on March 24, 2021
Loop2cycle provides communities with the ability to profit from their own plastic waste. We manufacture and supply small, portable, low-cost recycling machines into local and remote communities with the support required to kick start a profitable micro Upcycling business. These micro-businesses purchase waste plastic from local people and turn it into something of value that is onsold, such as rulers for schools and other household products. The businesses are profitable and self-sustainable.
- Reduces the amount of waste plastic that is either dumped or burned, thus increasing air quality and reducing the amount of waste plastic on the ground, and in waterways and oceans. - Provides people in remote and developing communities with the tools to deal with their own plastic waste locally in a commercially viable and sustainable way - Creates profitable and sustainable mico businesses in local communities - Provides additional sources of income to people in developing nations, as plastic waste becomes valuable when demand is created - Educates people that plastic waste has value and should be treated appropriately. We have supplied over 35 of these small machines into a variety of countries. The impact has been very positive and the demand grows. The more machines we supply, the greater the impact.
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