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Make a Roadmap to Your Sustainable Lifestyle with the SUSLA APPS

  • Published on February 14, 2022

The global average carbon footprint is about 4.7 tonnes CO₂e per person, but there are huge differences between the countries. In order to achieve the ambitious climate protection goal, each of us can and must make a contribution. Limiting the warming to 1.5 degrees would require a reduction to 2.5 tonnes of CO₂e per person by 2030 and to 0.7 tonnes of CO₂e per person by 2050.

The Susla app is a joint effort of Sustainable Lifestyles Accelerator (SLA) program. In SLA, each partner country is also a member of the international community, which strives to shape sustainable development in order to jointly find a way to solve global environmental challenges. Every human being can make a contribution to the change.

SUSLA is a web application for measuring your lifestyle carbon and material footprints, and for helping you to build a roadmap to a more sustainable lifestyle. Currently SUSLA is a beta version. Here's what you can do when using SUSLA:

1.    Do the Footprinting Test

First you should do the Footprinting test. After answering the questions, you will get an estimate of your carbon and material footprint. The carbon footprint tells your impact on climate, whereas material footprint describes how much material resources are needed for your lifestyle.

2.    Explore the Actions for reducing the footprint

After calculating your footprint, you see the actions available to you in the Action List. You may sort the actions according to the consumption domain or to the impact level. The actions consist of various small or bigger scale choices in everyday life that affect our footprints. For some actions, you must first specify to which extent you going to do it, before you can take the action to your roadmap.

3.    Start Experimenting

You can choose if you want to test an action for 1, 2 or 3 months. The app shows you how many days are left in the experimenting phase. When your experiment period ends, you are asked how did you succeed with the experiment. If you managed to do the action, answer 'Yes', and the action will be listed as 'Done' and your footprint is reduced. If you were not able to do the action properly, click 'No', and the action is moved back to the Action List.

So far, the SUSLA app can be used by anyone of 7 countries that have been represented of The Sustainable Lifestyle Accelerator (Finland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, and India). It could be adapted to more countries but this would require additional efforts.

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