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  • Published on December 22, 2017
The LCCI is a network of scientists and engineers with expertise on various aspects of production, and consumption as well as on environmental life-cycle analysis of cement-based materials. The priority of the network is in the materials side solutions, since energy and production technology aspects have been already adequately covered by various organizations. The LCCI network discusses opportunities to increase eco-efficiency both in production and consumption cement, in a life-cycle approach.
The objective is to identify, analyze and disseminate potential solutions to mitigate CO2 emissions and increase resource efficiency over the life cycle of the cementitious materials, and promote those that are low-cost, technologically robust and environmentally sound. Report on Low-Carbon Eco-efficient Cement-based Technologies, comissioned by UNEP SBCI Research Efficiency strategies for the cement value chain Carbon-capture by the stock of cement-based construction Collaborate in the mitigation of CO2 emmited by cement value chain, at low-cost making it viable for developing countries, and without the costs and risk associated to carbon capture Influence R&D of research institutions and companies towards emerging technologies with highest mitigation potential Generate subsidies for policy-making to encourage industry to develop adequate technologies Educate professors of civil engineering and architecture to teach undergrads to better use cement-based materials Next steps includes: a) Production of an original report about oportunities for resource-efficiency in the cement value chain b) estimate carbon capture by in-use cement-based construction stock The Initiative is open to the participation of experts in the related fields, both from Academy and Industry.
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