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International Day of Natural Cosmetics

  • Published on January 11, 2023

The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association, NATRUE aisbl, champions natural and sustainble beauty and established a motivational initative to inspire and encourage producers, manufacturers, and distributors of natural and organic cosmetics, as well as organisations and individuals to promote natural cosmetics and inspire and motivate both the beauty industry and beauty consumer.

The global awareness day, spearheaded by NATRUE, promotes the benefits – for both people and planet – of truly natural cosmetics, and inspire us all to #choosetruebeauty. The Day is marked in over 30 countries all around the world. Contributions were made from NATRUE label users globally from across the supply chain.

A dedicated page on the NATRUE website includes further information and can be found here:

For the planet

NATRUE is the non-profit organisation behind the acclaimed international certification standard for natural and organic cosmetics, which sets strict criteria for third-party certification of natural and organic beauty products, to distinguish truly natural cosmetics from the myriad nature-inspired products on the market, and to help consumers navigate through the ‘greenwash’. 

Using products including cosmetics that do not harm our beautiful planet is paramount to us all. Natural and organic cosmetics represent a sustainable option for anyone wanting to protect and promote our natural resources, our oceans, our soils. The NATRUE raw materials database helps manufacturers to develop products that are more sustainable – such as certified sustainable palm oil to protect endangered habitats – or with lower environmental impact with the use of biodegradable surfactants and without the use of microplastics.

The NATRUE label includes the largest producers of certified natural and organic cosmetics (e.g. our members who have all committed themselves to this standard's criteria. The NATRUE label raw material scheme, which is in-transition (further details are found here:, means that raw materials have to be approved or certified by NATRUE approved control bodies before they can be used in finished products. This pre-approval of raw materials means that upstream of finished product manufacturers, if raw material suppliers want to have their product used by producers and use the high benchmark of the NATRUE label for natural or organic qualities they also need to ensure responsible, ethical and sustainable sourcing.

At its core, all products carrying the NATRUE Label focus maximal use of renewable ingredients such as plant oils, rather than reliance on ingredients derived from fossil fuels. Formulations must use only approved raw materials and further details on the NATRUE label criteria for third-party certification can be found here:

The NATRUE label criteria references 6 UN SDGs (3, 9, 12, 13, 14 and 15).

For people

There is growing consumer interest in using fewer finite raw materials, and supporting farmers, producers and communities to source renewable materials around the world. The natural sector has long since supported actions related to organic farming and agriculture, as well as support for local communities around the world. Outside the scope of the UN SDGs within the NATRUE label criteria, NATRUE label users, whether manufacturers, brand owners or suppliers, will additionally support other SDGs through their own initiatives. Further details can be found here:



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