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Information about sustainable consumption of textiles / #textilsmart

  • Published on December 16, 2019
Textilsmart is a national information campaign on the topic of sustainable textile consumption. The goal is to provide Swedish consumers with information about how to act more conscious in terms of textile consumption, as well as educating consumers through sharing tangible facts and easily implemented guidance.
We are three authorities (Swedish EPA, Swedish Chemical Agency and Swedish Consumer Agency) working together, to educate and raise awareness about the negative environmental and health impacts happening along the entire textile value chain. Facts used for the information campaign should be trustworthy, neutral and evidence based.
The information is spread via Instagram and through a website. Besides that, we also work with several different organizations (municipalities, stakeholder groups, NGOs etc.) to disseminate our information using their existing networks and methods to reach additional consumers. In addition, we have given financial support to a project called Fact Movement with the goal of spreading our message even further through Instagram micro-influencers.
To achieve a transformation within the textile value chain both the consumer and the producer must act differently, and the change needs to happen simultaneously. The consumer must ask for/demand more sustainable products and producer must to provide them. The information campaign Textilsmart aim is to help consumers further understand the concept of sustainable textiles and increase the demand for these products. The campaign should be seen as one part of a larger systemic shift.

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