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Increase of EU Ecolabel uptake to support sustainable consumption

  • Published on January 17, 2021
To increase EU Ecolable uptake and empower consumers.
As of September 2020, 1 757 licenses are awarded for 75 796 products (goods and services) available on the EU market. Despite the COVID-19 crisis that undoubtedly affected the European economy, the majority of EU Ecolabel product groups (21 out of 24) have witnessed an increase in the number of products in respect to March 2020, and no product group has registered any drop in licenses since then, showing a real interest of the market for more eco-friendly products. Compared to March 2020 figures, there has been an: Increase in total number of awarded licenses * ( 301 licenses = 21%) Increase in total number of awarded products ( 5 234 products = 7%)

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