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Implementation Guidelines for Chain Enterprises to Promote Plastic Reduction

  • Published on January 14, 2021
In the form of Q&A, this guide aims to help chain member companies to better understand and implement the series of regulations and documents issued by the government, by providing information on policies and standards, technology and alternative product development, and consumer promotion strategies and effectively promote the substitution and innovation on related plastic products.
In order to help retailers better understand the government's policy requirements, promote the process of plastic pollution control, and help chain member companies implement the ban and restriction policy requirements on plastics, orderly and smoothly carry out the research and development of plastic shopping bags, disposable plastic straws, disposable plastic tableware and other plastic products, CCFA developed this guideline as a practical tool for retailers. This guidelines was published in response to the government call for action. It also feeds into related communication materials and agenda initiated by the local government.
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