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Hobart, Tasmania's capital announced they will become first plastic-free Australian city

  • Published on February 10, 2020
"Hobart’s leaders say they’re “serious about leading by example’, which is why they’re set on making the city the first in Australia to be completely single-use plastic free."
"Hobart City Council revealed the HUGE news when an 8-4 vote in favour of cleaner practices was passed in a meeting earlier this month. The ban won’t fully come into place until 2020, giving Tasmania’s capital one year to get its plastic-free act together." "As part of the campaign against destructive materials, according to ABC News, all businesses based in Hobart that provide or sell takeaway food will need to find cleaner alternatives to plastic containers, straws, coffee cups and plastic lids. All other businesses will also need to start phasing out single-use plastics from their bases and introduce re-usable or eco-friendly alternatives.

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