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HGK COR Accelerator platform

  • Published on February 2, 2022

The COR Accelerator is a platform for promoting partnerships between business sector, state institutions and civil society in order to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals in Croatia. The platform was initiated by the members of the Affiliation for sustainable development of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, with the aim to bring companies' good practice to the general public through social networks and conferences.

The COR Accelerator is a platform created to promote partnerships between the business sector, state institutions and civil society in order to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Croatia. By encouraging projects whose concept coincides with the determinants of the CORs, the platform acts as a place to connect key players in building a sustainable Croatian economy and society.

The idea developed as an initiative in the Affiliation for sustainable development, during the organization of the first We sustain sustainability conference held in May 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia.

The platform is created and maintained by the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

It aims to strengthen the understanding of the importance of sustainable development goals, transformation of company’s business as usual and conventional behaviour toward joint effort to build an economically prosperous, socially inclusive, and environmentally sustainable society.

The Platform is divided into several areas of which we would like to highlight:

– The news part – includes information on current topics like the UNICEF's CSR academy; OECD's guidelines for sustainable international business; social responsibility in marketing webinar; etc. Additionally, in this part of the platform various news on CSR topics are available

– In the event calendar, there are invitations to events covering sustainable topics

– Information about 17 UN's sustainable development goals and the promotion of the good practices of Croatian companies. Most of the stories about good practices are covering Goal 13: Climate action, Goal 2: Zero Hunger and Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production. Through this part, the Croatian companies receive a positive promotion. Mostly, those are the companies that are members of the Affiliation for sustainable development. That means that those companies are very active in the area of sustainable development in all scopes of their work.

Since the creation of the idea of the Platform, two big conferences have been organized. The first one, We sustain sustainability_2019 was organized in Zagreb, Croatia's capital, in March 2019. The slogan was „Accelerate the change“. Due to the pandemic, the second conference was organized in 2021. The We sustain sustainability_2021 was a two-day conference held in September 2021, in the coastal city of Šibenik. The slogan was „Better solutions, better habits, better world“.

Also, there are Platform's profiles on social media – on Facebook and LinkedIn – that provide an overview of the project activities as well as the information about sustainable development and the SDGs to the public and the followers.

The basis of the platform is connecting all the stakeholders. This is done through:

• Contribution to the Voluntary National Review

• We sustain sustainability_2021 Conference organization

• Publication of the Business Leadership Program in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

• Promotion of sustainable and socially responsible practices of domestic companies

• Promotion of projects in accordance with the goals of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

• Organization of training and workshops related to CSR and implementation of CORs

Altogether, the COR Accelerator is a platform that brings companies' good practices to the general public through social networks and conferences.

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