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Green Council Sustainable Procurement Charter

  • Published on January 10, 2018
In 2018, Green Council invited organizations to take our Sustainable Procurement Charter to develop, document and implement sustainable procurement with reference to ISO20400:2017. The Charter is open to any organization – regardless of its sector, size and location – that is involved in procurement decisions and processes. Companies who join the Charter will need to implement sustainable procurement, set objectives, measure progress and prove their progress to Green Council.
The globalization of sourcing and the practice of outsourcing non-core activities have been common business strategies for companies to reduce their costs. To ensure the cost savings is achieved, procurement has traditionally been responsible for managing the supply chain and balance the cost, quality and delivery of the goods and services. However, globalization and outsourcing are both causing and resulting in more complex, lengthy and dynamic supply chains while bring new sustainability risks e.g. air pollution, poor working conditions etc. during the production and delivery of goods and services. Green Council believes that procurement can directly influence the sustainability of the materials, products, and services, for example, undertaking a demand review, understanding the life-cycle costs, specifying the requirements of products in material selection, packaging and disassembly, engaging suppliers early in product design, working with suppliers to improve the sustainability of their operation and determining how waste is handled at the end-of-life. Sustainable procurement is no longer a nice-to-have direction– it's an integral business function responsible for protecting and improving brand reputation, driving revenue and mitigating business risk. In 2017, the new ISO 20400:2017 Sustainable Procurement Guidance was released to provide guidance on implementing sustainable procurement. Green Council expect companies will take our Sustainable Procurement Charter to demonstrate their successful achievements in sustainable procurement. The objectives of the Charter were: 1. to promote the implementation of sustainable procurement among organizations in HK 2. to provide an experience sharing and networking platform for organizations who have committed to implement sustainable program 3. to build people capacity for implementing sustainable procurement 4. to assess progress and milestones of organization 5. to provide advice in implementation 1. Organize seminars and training courses about Sustainable Procurement 2. Hold regular meeting among members to share their progress and difficulties 3. Conduct annual benchmarking survey for members 4. Arrange site visits to enhance knowledge of sustainability development 5. Annual award program to recognize outstanding organization. By joining the Charter, organizations have been required and committed to implementing sustainable procurement. Requirements include setting up policies and procedures, strategy development, green procurement, supply chain risk management, supplier diversity, setting improvement objectives, etc.. Upto third quarter of 2020, the following organizations have joined the Charter and committed to implementing sustainable procurement: 14 Founding Members 1. Baguio Green Group Limited 2. The Bank of East Asia, Limited 3. Chung Tai Printing (International) Company Limited 4. CLP Power Hong Kong Limited 5. D&G Technology Holding Company Limited 6. HKT Limited 7. Hong Kong Baptist University 8. The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited 9. The Hong Kong Electric Co., Ltd. 10. Kerry Properties Limited 11. MTR Corporation Limited 12. New World Development Company Limited 13. Ocean Park Corporation 14. PCCW Limited Mature Member - New World Development Company Limited Corporate Office (Central Procurement) Established Members - Artech Graphics Ltd - Allied Environmental Consultants Limited - BioLogiQ Elite (HK) Limited - Bordon Construction Co Ltd - Crown Gas Stoves (Holdings) Company Limited - Double Class Co., Ltd. - DSG Energy Limited - Hysan Development Company Limited - INAX Technology Limited - Kai OS Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited - Kinform Timber Company Ltd. - Media Link Technologies Ltd. - Regal Hotels International Limited - Pollution & Protection Services Ltd. - Pro-Tech Technology (Asia) Ltd. - Sinomax Group Limited - Swire Properties Limited - The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Urban Property Management Limited To join the Charter, any interest company can find out more information in or via email:

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